Savio D'sa!! Is one name that rings a bell too many. A hardcore professional Master Of Ceremonies/Team Building Games Host for over 12 years & Karaoke Host bestowed with the Titles of “Karaoke King”, “Unchallenged Overlord Of Karaoke”, “India’s Best KJ” & more… by renowned editorials for his remarkable contributions to the Karaoke Scene in India & his inimitable stand up karaoke acts.


As Director of Celeste Tones Entertainment & Mumbai Expat Club, Producer of Karaoke World Championship India, Vice President Maharashtra Cine Television Sena, D'sa is deeply passionate about Hosting & Organizing Events that delegates every event as an outstanding one, be it a corporate bash, a team building session, wedding, karaoke or just any event with his inimitable style & diverse hilarity.

  • Corporate

    Savio D’sa with Celeste Tones Ent

    Has emerged over a decade in the entertainment business

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  • Weddings

    Apart from Savio D’Sa hosting over 1500+

    wedding receptions, jubilee Carousing

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  • Karaoke

    A new concept, when evolved in Urban India

    was introduced for the first time in

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  • Events

    Events conducted by Savio Dsa

    with celeste tones within the boundries of India & Internationally

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Host Of The Most !!

If you have crossed paths with this young man, anyone will admit he is one ball of laughter.

Apart from the fact that he has been organizing parties since the age of 14, he loves to party…. loves to HOST parties… and KNOWS how to ORGANIZE them with a difference.

A true entertainer in the REAL SENSE!!! .

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